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Executive Interim Management

Filling vacant key positions immediately with a trustworthy, experienced manager until a suitable permanent replacement is found will enable your entity in China to continue regular operations.
It allows you to keep full control, stabilizes the local team and keeps standards and morale high. This sends a clear signal to your customers, suppliers and business partners. Additionally, it provides you with an honest objective external view on your organisation, and if required, with support to choose a suitable successor.
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Plant Setup and

You are setting up a new subsidiary in China, or have the need to relocate an existing one (nationally as well as internationally)?
Entrust the project leadership to somebody with a proven track record of success in this field, thereby drastically increasing the project’s efficiency and effectiveness. Your key requirements count, and in case they seem not feasible locally, a clear feedback will be given before actions are taken. More true than ever: “Doing things right the first time will prevent you from having to do them a second time”.
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OPEX / Six Sigma and

Bring your facilities, processes and your team to a new level of Operational Excellence!
Whether it is a Six Sigma project or establishing sustainable Lean thinking in your company – an external manager who focuses solely on that target can make a big difference, mainly because he is an outsider who will see some things differently than someone who has worked in that environment for years.
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Changing to a new MRP system, setting up a state-of-the-art IT system, rearranging a workshop or even the organisational structure of your departments – an outsider who has no own “preferences” or hidden agenda is able to drive change in your company.

Team Coaching

You already have a good team in place that you want to make even better? We offer on-site coaching sessions, which deliver direct or indirect practical advice in the fields of OPEX, project management, implementing changes, corporate governance and more – as specified by you.

Projects / Case Studies

  • Date
    30 June 2020
    When the Head of purchasing and MRP was about to leave the position and no successor had been found yet, the company decided on a 3-month-long interim solution. After two weeks with the original long-term and very dedicated manager, the department was run successfully on interim management for three months. All employees stayed, and several new methods and approaches for long-term demand planning were implemented until a new manager took over the responsibility for the department.
  • Date
    4 June 2020
    A newly set-up Chinese entity of a German company had a 5-person white-collar headcount and relied mainly on external service providers. By increasing the office staff to 15 persons, most functions were internalized, saving several ten thousand RMB per month, while also increasing the sales force and communication flow within the company as well as towards the German mother. While a Chinese office worker changes their employer every 3 years on average, only 3 colleagues in total left this team within a period of 5 years after setup.
  • Date
    4 June 2020
    All companies look very nice when the overseas management arrives for their regular but rare visits. Unfortunately, in some companies days or even weeks of preparation and cleaning (with the related drops in productivity) are necessary to achieve these results. By checking the production site much more regularly and doing several 5S and Six Sigma implementations, the workshop as well as the office area of such a company were significantly improved to a state where the factory was always ready for visitors. In addition, a more than 50% increase in productivity per head was achieved within less than two years by progressive and continuous actions.
  • Date
    4 June 2020
    A young company needed to evaluate and improve its very basic IT infrastructure. By replacing some hardware with state-of-the-art products, the safety and speed increased a lot. Together with new local and international IT partners and the IT department of the mother company, a professional but cost-efficient infrastructure was set up. Several new functions and procedures were implemented, which made work for the employees easier and more efficient as well as giving the IT department of the mother company full access to the systems. In the same company, SAP was implemented later on and was fully operational from the first day of the go-live date, which had been set at the beginning of the project.
  • Date
    4 June 2020
    A setup of a sustainable ISO9001 certification from scratch in a 2-year-old plant. The company decided to set up a professional and sustainable system with the main purpose of not only becoming certified but also sustainably improving their Quality Management System. The certification was successfully done with SGS and years later successfully recertified by TÜV Süd.
  • Date
    1 June 2020
    An international company decided to close its Swiss plant and relocate production and stock to its plants in Germany and China. Within the 4-month-long assignment the following was achieved: the transfer of machines and stock, the integration of the materials into SAP and other ERP systems of the mother company, the redirection of the supply chain, the transfer of the IT infrastructure, and the complete closing down of the company.

Your Benefits

fast availability (start within a few days, no HR procedures necessary)

clear cost structure (daily rates)

hands-on implementation

objective outside view inside the company

clearly committed to client, no own agenda / politics

combined managerial, technical and cultural knowledge

broad network of other service providers and suppliers available

fast availability clear cost
objective outside
clear commitment managerial,
and cultural
broad network of
other service providers
and suppliers


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